X-E3 vs XT-30 Autofocus

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Re: X-E3 vs XT-30 Autofocus

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However, the XE3 sucks in low light while XT30 reduces the gap with Panasonic, typically, and surpasses Olympus (my feeling).

Can you elaborate? Are you saying the older 24 mp sensor more sensitive that the 26mp? I own the T30 and H1 and they seem about the same.

The XT30 has approximately the same number of photosites dedicated to light gathering, but it has much more phase detection ones. So, the XT30 sensor is significantly more sensitive when it comes to AF (but not necessarily for IQ). Add improved algorithms and Fuji rates the XE3 as a +0.5EV low light focusing camera, while it rates the XT30 as a -3EV one. More than 3EV is a lot and the AF improvement is mostly here (plus faster in regular light with older lenses like the 35/1.4). Coming from Panasonic (a champ in that area), I was really shocked by how much my XE3 used to hunt in low light, while my XT30 is just fine.

I used the X-T30 in a dark cave last weekend. Only way to take pictures was with flash, otherwise i would be using ISO12800 or more, 1/15 at f2.8.

Camera back LCD was completly dark but there was the green square of the face detection. Awesome, i couldn't see anything on the screen but the green face detection square.

I'm not sure if your comment is sarcastic, because taking pictures in dark caves without beeing able even to frame is not the most common use case I just wanted to point that a XE3 fails to focus far before a dark cave lightning. Without the AF assist lamp (of course), even in my appartment during the evenig in a cosy athmosphere, XE3 failed very often while XT30 succeeds.

I made a mistake, it wasn't the X-T30, but instead the X-T20 with the 18-55. The X-T30 didn't come out of my bag as it was quite humid and there were some ocasional water drops from the top of the cave, and i had the Viltrox 85mm they sent me for testing (not mine so...) on the X-T30.

Now, the X-T20 has the same sensor and focus algorithm of the X-E3 if i'm not mistaken.

It did a good job, much better then i expected. In my understanding, and this is only my opinion, if someone is trying to focus in lower light than what i had in that cave, well, i wouldn't expect the results to be good.

And i just remembered i actually could have turned the focus assist light on, which i did not....

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