Corporate Headshots and Raw files

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Re: Corporate Headshots and Raw files

Krav Maga wrote:

Is it normal for corporate clients to require the raw files of corporate headshots? Personally I don't think I have an issue with it, but perhaps I'm overlooking something.

S'pose it's pretty normal to ask, but that doesn't mean you need to comply, nor should automatically do so.

Looks like RDKirk and photomonkey already covered the topic, so I'd just add that whichever their excuse for requesting "raw" files, you might not want to provide them with actual RAW files, at least without a separate, healthy monetary compensation.

In many cases what the clients refer to as "raw" files aren't technically the unedited RAW files, anyway, so in many/most cases the high res. TIFF files ought to be enough. Actual RAWs for special fee only, if insisted on, and provided that the client knows what they're doing.

Which is all the more reason to talk with the client beforehand and make sure you both know what to expect. Put it all in writing, including the ownership/usage of the RAW files.

Besides, in many cases the webmonkeys or graphic designers doing some corporate publications would prefer the pre-edited TIFF or the high quality jpeg file, anyway, as it would save them some time.

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