Any ex-nikon/sony user here uses x-t100? How bad is AF?

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Re: Any ex-nikon/sony user here uses x-t100? How bad is AF?

devilz666 wrote:

theEntreriCode wrote:

Hi there,

I'm an Indian who is a Nikon FF and a Fuji XT30 user. Granted I've only had a few short weeks with my Fuji system but I absolutely love it.

While I can't comment on the PZ lens, I'd personally never consider it as the 18-55 is a pretty spectacular performer despite being "only a kit lens".

If modern AF capability is a requirement on a limited budget, I too would recommend the pre owned route.

Sadly, as I'm sure you're aware, importing anything into the country would attract large duties and possible mishandling on part of the authorities. I'd steer clear of this route. Luckily there are other pre owned opportunities through local forums you can look into. You probably know which one I'm talking about, but, if not, I'm not sure if I can post the link here so feel free to reach out to me via PM and I'll help out. Finally, for new products, I'd steer clear of Amazon India. If you don't have a good dealer, let me know and I'll connect you there as well.

Is there a reason for steering clear of Amazon? Fujifilm products are sold by a reliable seller that is in part owned by Amazon. Amazon also happens to be official online seller for Fujifilm.
What am I missing?
I am from Shimla so any dealer would be far away for me, sadly. And most likely will cost more than

Generally I find Amazon overpriced for photo equipment here in India. Additionally, it's useful to have a dealer incase there's any warranty issues. If your you are comfortable with Amazon go ahead. Also, there's some good Fuji kit up for resale on a local forums incase you wish to pursue that avenue. Not a bad option IMHO..

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