Harris and Lewis September 2019

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Flat view
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Harris and Lewis September 2019

Just back from a few days I grabbed while the weather was changeable.

Big skies over Uig Lodge

On the very west coast of Lewis, overlooking the bay at Uig and the North Harris Hills to the south. A fine and warm day out of the ever present wind at this time of year carrying clouds with occasional heavy showers, the kind you have to turn your back towards.

A Clan Gathering above Mangersta Beach

Perhaps they are assessing the surf, who knows what they get up to when the tourists aren’t looking…

Looking back across the Minch from the inlet at Tarbet

You may notice that it’s a common place-name in Scotland. From the Gaelic it means crossing or portage point, it’s where you could carry your boat across the land as a shortcut between two bodies of water.

Salt marshes Scarista South Harris

Cliff Beach (Bhaltos) Lewis

The heavily peat stained water that runs off the moors and hills crosses the sands to the sea often creating the “mackrel” patterns rich in colour against the sand and blue sky.

Outskirts of Leverburgh, South Harris

A driecht day among the miles of deeply rocky heather and peat moor interspersed with the flotsam and jetsam of chaotic habitation, the broken lying rotting close around it being far too expensive to ship back to the mainland. The only movement is often in the clouds, water, and the ever-present sheep.

I was going for the film look that imparts a sense of yesterday, a little less bright than the future. Things don’t have to be controlled with precision, 35mm film was rarely focused or exposed that accurately and close was generally good enough. Things can be a little woolly around the edges.

Flat view
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