CD drives outdated. New product software on jump/flash drive?

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Sean Nelson
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Re: CD drives outdated. New product software on jump/flash drive?

sygnus21 wrote:

Sean Nelson wrote:

My Windows USB drive shows "5.46 GB free of 13.5 GB" and when I right-click the drive in Explorer's "Computer" view the "Format..." option is not greyed out. And unlike the CD file system shown on your Gigabyte drive, mine shows as FAT32...

For clarity, what's a "Windows 10 retail package" which includes a USB thumb drive???


Sean Nelson wrote:

I just bought a Windows 10 retail package and it came with a USB thumb drive.

I was thinking this was an actual Windows 10 install thumb drive, but now I'm wondering seeing the drive can be written to. So what exactly is the thumb drive for?

If this is the OS install media I'd be shocked such a security hole would be left open to allow anyone can write to the disk.

Yep, it's the OS install media.   I haven't actually tried to write to it, it's possible that any attempt would fail.

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