use Adobe Color or Adobe Standard in Lightroom? Why so?

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Re: use Adobe Color or Adobe Standard in Lightroom? Why so?

Zeee wrote:

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sankos wrote:

Andy Hewitt wrote:

I also find the Adobe Color profile unrealistic, and despite the statements, I not consistent across images from different cameras.

I think Adobe Portrait would be a better choice for a general purpose, nice-looking, realistically saturated profile, but it's aesthetics, really.

Possibly. I did go through them all, and it’s just the one I prefer. It’s also set in the camera.

Adobe Standard is better, but still not great. The most natural looking profiles are the ‘Camera xxxxxxx’ dedicated ones. On my Nikon I use Camera Neutral as a starting point, as I feel there’s much more fine control over the adjustments - I can choose how much saturation is needed, for example.

Jim Kasson compared Adobe Std with Camera Neutral for a Sony camera and his conclusion was that the latter is not really more accurate than the former, it's only less saturated.

Probably right, although I note that article covers older process versions, and almost definitely won’t apply to the latest v5 Adobe Color settings, which are clearly radically different to previous.

I'm not seeing a radical difference between Version 4 and 5 set to Adobe Color. Process Version was been updated to improve Dehaze and purple noise.

Fair enough. Although they did introduce an issue with green skies appearing when using Camera xxxx profiles with Dehaze in the early part of v5. It did get fixed quickly (and quietly) though. I’m not sure what version the article actually refers to, as it mentions the ‘2015’ version, using Adobe’s older nomenclature.

Moving Dehaze to the left could have some unexpected results in earlier versions like strange yellow result. High ISO photos could turn purple in the shadows in some circumstances, but these issues are fixed in PV5. I have noticed that it doesn't even have to be high ISO. Might be the blacks being a tad richer makes it appear radical.

I never came across that, as I didn’t upgrade to the subscription version until a bit later.

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