Corporate Headshots and Raw files

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Re: Corporate Headshots and Raw files

RDKirk wrote:

Krav Maga wrote:

Photomonkey wrote:

As TCphoto1 notes, why do they want it?

My experience is that a request like this is almost always based on erroneous information someone got from "someone who is a great photographer".

A ton of weird ideas about RAW that completely contradicts the principle of hiring a pro in the first place.

It's from someone who is the media manager at a large corporation. They say that they require all the raw files so that they can have access to them at a later date and make changes to them; cropping, etc., to accommodate whatever they may need them for in the future without having to reach back out to the photographer and have them do it for them. From a business perspective, they say that it's not possible to foresee all the possible needs or changes to them that may be required in the future.

I automatically provide full-sized TIFFs and JPEGs of all selected images. I inform them that everything they need to do can be done from the TIFF.

Absolutely correct. But you cannot believe what I have encountered over the years from "graphics professionals".

It is a consequence of the one eyed man being king in the land of the blind. However, they pay their graphics people peanuts so they have no skills or experience. Not malicious, just ignorant and underpaid.

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