The Cost of Profoto just can't be justified anymore

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Re: The Cost of Profoto just can't be justified anymore

jazja wrote:

at least 2 things need to be considered.

service and life time.


i think not

They do but that highlights the different types of people using the equipment, for example someone who's heavily driven by price is not going to care that they can get it serviced out of warranty because that often becomes extremely costly (not always, a single blown cap is super cheap, a single power board... not so much).

For example, what would be the point of a Godox repair if the cost puts you in spitting distance of buying new? You'd just buy new, get next day shipping and move on with your shiny new warranty.

I've bought equipment where the previous owner couldn't afford the repair bill of Profoto gear but that doesn't diminish the point that for certain people having a real out of warranty support system is important to them and their work but I think they're in the minority here.

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