A Different Twist to the Question: Pany G9 to X-H1?

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A Different Twist to the Question: Pany G9 to X-H1?

Last year I bought an X-H1 and 16-55 f/2.8 lens.  However, after about two days of handling the kit I returned it, because I was concerned the combined weight was just too much for my 72-year old self to comfortably carry around all day.

In its place, I bought a Panasonic G9.  I use it with either my Pany 12-35 or Olympus 12-40 f/2.8 lenses, and do not find either combo too heavy or ungainly to handle.  The G9 is virtually the same size and weight of the X-H1.  So, the X-H1 body was not too big for me; the big and heavy 16-55 f/2.8 lens was the issue.

The G9 is a great camera, and I like its many buttons and customization options, but the swivel LCD still bugs me.  Not a showstopper, I can certainly live with it, but I definitely prefer a tilt LCD.  On a more negative note, the top panel info LCD is basically of no use at all to me.  I find it extremely hard to see, even with the backlight temporarily turned on.

Conversely, the X-H1 has a tilt out LCD, and its top panel LCD is VERY easy to see (and is customizable as well, which helps make key parameters stand out).  Given the sale currently under way for the X-H1 ($999 for camera, grip, and two if not three batteries), I am sorely tempted to buy one, just for the LCD and top panel LCD, PROVIDED I can get photos at least as good as, if not better, than what the G9 provides.

I don't care about video, birds in flight, or sports.  What I want to do is take photos of my wife and cat, friends, and places we go, while at the same time enjoying the camera user experience more than I do now with the G9.

I understand the X-H1's sensor and processor are of the previous generation, but that's OK: that is why it is currently steeply discounted and on sale.  Kind of like buying a 2018 car in 2019.

I am also under the impression that the larger sensor size of the X-H1 may provide somewhat better dynamic range and low light performance, although not dramatically so, than the G9.   I am hoping my images might be a bit better, but do not have unrealistic expectations they will be hugely better.

I have several MFT lenses, but typically use only the f/2.8 zooms and one fast prime.  Thus, I would probably buy an X-H1, the 18-55 f/2.8 - 4 lens (acceptable compromise between sharpness and lighter weight), a TBD prime or two, and a relatively small flash (mainly for use in the house or restaurants; definitely not going to shoot weddings or anything requiring lots of power, remote flashes, or anything of that nature).

Sooo...having said all the above: would making a (maybe just lateral) move to the X-H1 be a good idea in your opinion, or does the X-H1 have limitations that would bother me, coming from a G9?  Conversely, are there areas in which it would excel over the G9?

I know there have been several firmware updates: have they made the X-H1 a better camera?  How is its autofocus?  I think it now has eye focus; is that for stills use?

Final caveat; I realize I do not NEED another camera; I am just looking for one I'd enjoy using more than the G9 I currently have.

Thanks for any insight you may wish to share with me; I appreciate it.

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