X-T3 weather sealing and handling compared to X-Pro 2

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X-T3 weather sealing and handling compared to X-Pro 2


First of a brief history of where I'm coming from. I started with M43 (G6) and stuck with it until now (G81 and GX850). The G81 is great for landscape, travel etc. The GX850 would be great for Street Photography but it's not weather resistant. And yes I need a weather resistant body because I like to shoot in bad weather (heavy rain, snow, etc).

That and because I wanted to try Fuji anyway, I bought a used X-Pro 2 with the grip attachment and the 27mm f2.8. Later I bought the 23mm f2. Let's just say that I didn't shoot with my M43 equipment since I own the X-Pro2.

I also did a high ISO test between the X-Pro2 and the G81. Don't jump at me quite now. I don't mind noise at all in B&W pictures but I noticed an awful compression with my Lumix G81 at ISO 6400. The X-Pro2 had a lot of noise but the picture was still crisp (shot the fur of my cat). The G81 in the other hand looked like somebody had used the smudge tool in photoshop.

That are the reasons why I want to fully switch to Fuji. For Street Photography I'm more than happy with my X-Pro 2 but for professional use I want a camera with a battery grip (the battery life of the X-Pro2 is really bad compared to M43). My options are the X-T3 (1550 USD for the battery grip combo with tax) and the X-H1 (1250 USD for the battery grip combo with tax). At the moment I'm leaning towards the X-T3. The thing that holds me back is the grip. It's quite shallow. The battery grip does ad on it but I can't test it in person. Is it comparable to the X-Pro 2 with the grip attachment? Out of the box I find both the Lumix G81 and the O-MD E-M1 II more comfortable. The X-Pro 2 WITH the grip attachment (MHG-XPRO2) is comfortable enough.

How good is the weather resistance of the X-T3 compared to the X-Pro 2? I shot with the X-Pro 2 in rain a couple of times without problem. All I can find about the weather resistance of the X-T3 is this sentence: "Weather resistant structure". Nothing more. There is only: "The FUJIFILM X-T3 inherits FUJIFILM X-T2’s popular design features such as the positioning of dials on the top panel, central viewfinder style for added sense of stability, and excellent grip design for comfort."

On the X-Pro2 product page there is a whole paragraph about weather resistance: "That's why the camera body of FUJIFILM X-Pro2 is made from magnesium and designed to be dust-resistant, splash-resistant and freeze resistant up to -10°C, along with a highly durable focal plane shutter and dual card slot."

Even on the X-H1: "It is also resistant to dust and moisture, capable of working at temperatures as low as -10°C."

Is this just awful advertisement on Fujis part or is the WR of the X-T3 not on par with X-H1 and the X-Pro2?

Thanks for any help!

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