My second lens... what to choose?

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^ This is the correct answer

Calmario wrote:

The PL 15mm F/1.7 is the perfect lens for your needs. Small fast can take those selfies being wide enough and light .

15 mm is wide enough for selfies, and it focuses close enough. But that's not the main thing. It's hard to beat a cell phone's back camera for selfies. You won't be taking as many selfies now with the kid.

It is also a small lens, so sometimes, you will leave the house only with this lens on the camera. The rig becomes so much easier to carry. You will appreciate that more when you're carrying diapers, wipes and formula everywhere with you.

The main thing is that it is properly fast, and with no optical compromises like you'd have in a zoom. Not like these f/2.8 and f/4 zooms others are talking about. it is 2-3 stops faster than your current lens. The difference that makes in indoor shots without flash is amazing.

This will not eat up your full budget, so I will recommend a couple other items to add:

  • A good quality table-top tripod, like Bogen. This is the right tool for selfies, as you won't have that stretched arm look or your head being bigger than everyone else's.  Set the countdown timer and have it take three shots at the end. When traveling, this tripod will allow you to brace the camera against railings and columns for lower light shots. ($70 here )
  • A simple ultra wide angle lens. With these lenses, autofocus tends not to be as much of an issue, so you can save some money here with either the Olympus f/8 Body Cap Fisheye (which there is ALWAYS room for in your bag) or the Rokinon manual focus fisheye. Aperture priority or manual only, and manual focus, but you don't really need to focus this lens except for the first time, since DoF is so great. ($200 or less)

You can probably afford all three of these items in your budget, esp. if you get the 15/1.7 and Rokinon fisheye used.

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