X-E3 - how usable with touchscreen disabled?

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Re: X-E3 - how usable with touchscreen disabled?

Really depends how you use your camera.

  • The back screen mostly serves me for image review and when using the camera on a tripod with filters. I wouldn't use the screen for tap focus or tap to capture. I exclusively use the joystick in conjunction with the shutter release button for that.
  • As far as the swipes go, some people are used to having those directional quick access functions bound on a D Pad normally and will miss that when disabling the swipe gestures. I was never one of those people. On my X-E2, the D Pad served me to select the AF point and navigate the menus. EIther purpose is well covered (if not better) with the joystick and command wheels.
  • If you unassign the swipe motions and tap screen functions, you're essentially left with using touch to swipe through image review and pinch zoom. These are touch functions I very much appreciate. This smartphone-like handling of image review is a lot more intuitive than working through images with wheels and dials.

As you can see, for me, limitations from turning off most touch functions doesn't keep me from thoroughly enjoying the X-E3. Coming from my X-E2, I appreciate the larger resolution, faster focus, second command dial, touchscreen image review functions. I neither miss the D Pad nor the built-in flash. The joystick is a wonderful addition and for me improved the already great handling of the X-E series.

Or in short: No, the X-E3 - in my humble opinion - is a great camera even with touch functionality switched off (or in my case, limited). Other people will use their camera in a different ways, but anyone claiming the camera to be unuseable without touch is simply making a statement about the camera being used the way they wish to use them. Plenty of happy X-E3 users out there without such complaints.

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