Telescope recommendations?

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Re: Telescope recommendations?

Alen K wrote:

Looking at your photos on Flickr, you are doing great with what you already have! The bad news, and this is just my opinion, is that any telescope your tracker could adequately support (with the counterweight kit for it that you must already be using) - which would be an APO refractor of some kind from 50mm to (maybe!) 80mm aperture - would give you only a marginal improvement over the lenses you are already using. You would maybe get somewhat smaller stars and better looking stars in the corners. Whether those improvements in PQ would be worth it is up to you.

Re autoguiding your tracker, you certainly could. But, again just IMO, that takes away from the primary advantage of using a tracker: its simplicity of operation. Longer sub-exposures are good up to a limit (beyond which your final image won't get any better assuming the same total exposure time) but the cameras you have exhibit very low read noise, so even 20- and 30- second subexposures at f/5.6 are workable. (I have proof. And more proof.)

It sounds to me like your next logical step is to get a full-blown EQ mount supporting a telescope of longer focal length, say in the 800mm range, plus or minus 100mm. You would be able to capture larger images of smaller DSOs as well as planets and close-ups of the moon with a barlow or eyepiece projection. (Planets are better captured with much longer focal lengths and different cameras, but you could at least start this way.) Affording that new gear sounds like the main issue but buying used can help a lot. (I have bought most of my telescope gear used.)

I have nothing more to add other than a  +1

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