Nikkor 85mm 1.4G vs 1.4D Nikon F4

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Nikkor 85mm 1.4G vs 1.4D Nikon F4

Hello !

I am planning to buy Nikkor 85mm but don’t really know which one : 1.4G or 1.4D. I am using Nikon F4s only, I am a film camera photographer.

I am aware that 1.4G is not working well with Nikon F4 and I saw forums here that A and M modes are not working... ? Why M mode would not work? I can use M mode with my manual focus lenses M42 and it strangely know what minimal aperture I am using .. for example I have Pentacon 135mm f/2.8 and my Nikon F4 knows that it’s a 2.8 aperture in M mode (It indicates me correct exposure settings as my light meter!). Same scenario for my Helios 58mm f/2.0 Nikon F4 knows 2.0 aperture.

Arguments why I personally would chose 1.4G :
-more sharper
-huge and beautiful (I love big lenses)
-probably a better investment for the future (once I go mirrorless)

Arguments why I choose 1.4D:
-Fully compatible with Nikon F4
-can use all apertures
-basically same lens but cheaper

If I understood correctly, 1.4G can only operate at f/1.4 with Nikon F4 , right ?
Will A and M mode work ? I only shoot at wide open aperture, my style.

Which lens do you recommend me guys ? Thank you for all!

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