Any ex-nikon/sony user here uses x-t100? How bad is AF?

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Re: Any ex-nikon/sony user here uses x-t100? How bad is AF?

devilz666 wrote:

Hey there,

I am from India and for a long while Fuji cameras were way too overpriced here. But that kinda changed with X-A5 and X-T100 and I have been planning to get X-T100 by month's end.
I've previously used Nikon D5100 and Sony A5000 and I'd like to know how bad is X-T100's AF? Has they made any imporvements to it via firmware?

I'd mostly be using the Kit lens for daylight photography and MF lenses for Night/concert photography. I am just a casual hobbiest who's trying to get back into photography after some 2 years (My Sony mirrorless got stoled a couple of years ago and I just never got a new cam)

To answer your questions- the x-t100 is a brilliant camera, with its only ‘con’ being the AF. That said, the AF is absolutely solid for anything except sports/fast moving subjects/things moving towards you erratically. You have to take into account that all of these reviews are comparing this camera to the latest crop of other manufacturers cameras- brands like Canon & Sony that rely mostly on phase detect and have great, fast AF. But we’re talking fractions of a second differences.

The X-T100 is no slouch, and from what it sounds like you want to shoot, it should be perfectly fine. Member adventSam posted some YouTube videos showing the af speed in different lighting/scenarios and you can see it working just fine and plenty fast. Maybe he can chime in and share them, or you can message him.

Also- put the camera in boost mode, it definitely makes everything a bit faster.

As for kit lens- I’m not a zoom shooter but i’ve used that lens a good bit (I’ve recommended 3 X-T100 kits to friends/family). That 15-45 may be the best kit zoom on the market, from any brand. It’s a stellar lens to start with. Personally speaking, I think the 35mm f2 is a match made in heaven with the x-t100 and the lens I recommend the most for it, but if you want one do-it all lens- the 15-45 is a much more versatile choice.

You mentioned ordering from amazon- that’s a fine, just make sure the actual seller it comes from has good feedback.

Overall- I think you’ll be quite happy with the camera. It takes phenomenal photos. And if you don’t like it or the AF isn’t up to your needs, you can always return it.

I say go for it!

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