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Re: A few questions re: new D5300

Andy Hewitt wrote:

toomanycanons wrote:

Andy Hewitt wrote:

Thought this might be better in a new thread from my dead D5100 one.

First question, what’s the take on 14bit vs 12bit modes? I’ve found some stuff online, which gave more information, but also seem to confuse things more too. I’ve left it on 12bit for now, thinking about storage space while on holiday.

The swivel screen, my thought, based on the experience from the D5100, is perhaps not to fold it to closed position after every use. I leave it in the gadget bag anyway when not in use, and when transporting. I also fitted a hardened glass protector.

Are there any good tips for back button focus settings, or are they similar to the 5100.

I see lots of fuss made about having more AF points, but I just find they end up focusing on the wrong subject. Single point tracking seems to be the most useful to me.

Finally, Auto ISO or not? I usually use it, but is it better to leave it manual in the PASM modes, and use full Auto otherwise. Or maybe just set it to a low maximum? I notice though that noise is pretty good on this sensor anyway.


1) You'll never in a million years see the difference between 14 and 12 bit raw. Purists will argue there's a difference, I never could see it. However...storage is cheap, just set it to 14 bit raw, ya know, just in case you get really anal in the future and imagine you do see a difference.

Ok, thanks. For now I’ve just been switching between them, and then will see if I can tell any differences. Although at the moment, it’s more important to have a little extra speed, and storage capacity.

However, always shoot raw + jpeg, that's what I do. I never shoot just raw, I never shoot just jpeg.

I stopped all that many years ago, I only shoot Raw when I can. I guess I simply prefer the results, and the workflow. Even on my iPhone I use the Lightroom camera set to DNG mode.

2) I had two D5200 and always left it lcd screen out, I never folded it "backwards". In fact, I never articulated it because to use it that way means shooting in Live View and I never shoot in Live View and never worried about the screen being out any more than I worry about the screen being out on all my cameras that don't have articulating screens.

Yeah, that was my thought too.

3) I never use "back button focus" so no advice there.

Ok, I have tried it. Not too sure if it works for me or not. I like it as a method, but not convinced it works in all scenarios.

4) Single point always works, just focus and re-compose as needed.

Aye, I came from film SLR with a split prism screen, and then OLympus DSLR with only 3 points. I still only used the single centre point. 39 points seems like overkill to me - heck so does the lowest setting of 9.

5) Never use Auto ISO. Many others will tell you how handy Auto ISO is but just get used to setting your own ISO values until it's just muscle memory. Then and only then maybe default to Auto ISO in certain specific shooting scenarios...scenarios that I never find myself in, I want control over the ISO.

I don’t mind it, although I do usually set an upper limit - it’s most useful in madly varying conditions where I just want to get a picture. Such as this weekend at a family wedding, i set it to the full 12,800 as a max, as I was shooting flashless in wildly changing lighting conditions, and didn’t have time for messing about with changing settings.

6) Shoot on A, never Auto. Sometimes M, sometimes S but never Auto. There, I said it.

I tend to use P a lot, often A, and sometimes S - indeed I used S at the wedding, and let auto-iso take over.

Interesting stuff here, thanks, it’s all food for thought.

"I stopped all that many years ago, I only shoot Raw when I can. I guess I simply prefer the results, and the workflow. Even on my iPhone I use the Lightroom camera set to DNG mode."

Which makes no sense, at least to me.  You prefer the results from shooting only raw, as if shooting jpeg + raw can't do the same?   I shoot thousands of shots a month, jpeg + raw and , indeed, only process the raws but having the jpegs at hand for a lot of reasons is just really handy.  For me.

Auto ISO shooters usually give the same reasons as you just did and I can't argue with what a person thinks he needs for his shooting workflow.  Me, I've never used Auto ISO but it looks like you already knew you were going to always be shooting on Auto ISO when you started this thread.  Glad I could help 

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