Why do people hire portrait photographers ? and how to sell it to them

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Re: Why do people hire portrait photographers ? and how to sell it to them

You need to break your query up into separate categories: retail and commercial.

Retail- Fundamental motivator is pride and ego.

Commercial- Fundamental motivator is "the boss* told me to."

*could be marketing director, PR agency, BOD, life coach, media relations team, etc.

Optoman wrote:

Thanks for your previous input.

I'm updating this thread because I started rewriting my sales pages with the AIDA method and it requires me to figure out what customers really want.

For example women who have their own portrait taken don't just want a nice pic of themselves, the most popular reason is to regain self confidence, so that's the benefit I'm marketing to them.

When they are doing boudoir we could think that they want to exhibit their intimacy, or have some weird fetish (sure some do), but what they really want is learn to love their body.

Other types of portraits however leave me clueless:

• mannequin / top model book : I think some only want to pretend that they could be models, others really want to work in this field but what's interesting them, being an icon ? meeting designers ? getting on covers ? travelling ?

• companies : what are they really trying to achieve with a group shot or a wall with headshots of the executives ? they don't need that to be a successful company, so what is the person who hires a photographer hoping to get ?

• actors : similarly to models we might think they want shots that will get them hired, but what personal satisfaction do see seek in their photos ? why are they actors ?

• bodybuilders : everytime they go to the gym they look at their muscles in the mirror and take selfies, both men and women. They are obsessed with their own bodies but what they really seeking in each of them ?

• singers, dancers, musicians : express their emotions, more than any other persons ?

• men in general : those who ride a motorbike, who own an old expensive car, who compete against others or themselves in a sport (ball, target, speed, endurance etc). What do they want ? is there something more subtle as proof of achievement ?

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