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Relax, photography isn't rocket surgery...

This post is a response to the discussion in thread titled So very sad with my x-Pro 2 - 1rst day in Taipei. I didn't want to derail the discussion and make it more difficult for the BrownBandit to find any useful advice so I started a separate topic.

First I will admit it can be very difficult to create photographic art, create something a museum or collector wants, or pursuing a career involving producing photographs people are willing to pay for. But come on, that is not what most people--including BrownBandit--are seeking to do. They just want to create a photo that looks decent (well exposed, in focus, moderately accurate colour, etc) when printed at moderate sizes or posted to social media.

I was appalled at some of the responses\discussion found in that thread. Do people really find photography so difficult with modern cameras? We live in a golden age for anyone who wishes to capture and share memories. It's no wonder people are hesitant to pursue photography these days if this is the party line of current hobbyists.

One person suggested BrownBandit should return to using his iPhone, others suggested that the getting an x-pro 2 before owning a P&S or low end ILC was a mistake, and many indicted how difficult it was to learn to take a focused photo with decent exposure.

The x-pro 2 has full auto mode, why would a P&S or cheaper Fuji ILC be so much easier to use? The only drawback I see is the lack of touch screen, and for sure that is a drawback for someone used to a smartphone but hardly a show stopper.

Others spoke to the steep learning curve involved in taking photos with an advanced ILC such as the x-pro2. How could he expect to take decent photos after only one online course and some youtube videos, without extensive practice at home? And yet after a couple pieces of advice the Brown Bandit was taking decent photos the next day and even better the day after that.

At least one person mentioned that the x-pro2 (and other Fujifilm cameras) are especially difficult to learn on because of all the external controls. Which I found particularly odd since in my mind those controls make it especially easier to understand the relevant settings and see what is going on with the camera. If you are getting weird results with a fuji camera you can just visual inspect the camera to see how the most important settings are set.

For that vast majority of simple photography I think anyone could be up in running with about 15 mins of instruction. Heck, I've handed my camera to strangers to get a photo that includes myself and 95% of the time they manage to get a reasonable photo.

Honestly I don't get it. What's with all the talk about how difficult it is to take photograph with any modern camera?

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Fujifilm X-Pro2
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