Advice re video light for light painting cars ?

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Re: Advice re video light for light painting cars ?

Zaffa wrote:

What about a Yongnuo YN 600 LED ?

The problem is the same with all LED's, not enough power, especially when diffused over an area as large as 12"x72". I've got a couple Aputure Light Storm LS 1S and Dracast panel units and they would practically disappear spread over that size area.

I guess you could move the light unit closer into the diffusion and move the light fixture up and down to paint inside the diffuser, but then you'd be painting inside your painting (kinda zen).

Another option could be rolled translume using the Lowells I mentioned earlier:

What you're trying to do sounds cool, but do you have any samples of what you're trying to achieve?  Might help in offering suggestions.

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