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Andy Hewitt wrote:

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1) You'll never in a million years see the difference between 14 and 12 bit raw. Purists will argue there's a difference, I never could see it.

It's actually pretty easy to see (once pointed out) in images/scenes were it makes a noticeable difference. Lots of examples out there. But it's rare to shoot/process a scene were there is an actual benefit to shooting 14 vs 12. Where it matters...the folks doing it know what they are doing and doing it to good effect. That is not the norm though. But when it is done well....a pleasure to see and learn from

I probably don’t have the viewing devices to take advantage anyway. My processing machine is a fairly ageing iMac, without Retina display, so I suspect I’m unlikely to see any benefit,

The type of display shouldn't matter as to one being able to see the difference.

or be able to edit to optimum.

Even a 15 year old version of Photoshop and an old computer can "take advantage". Trick is simply to be able to find a scene that the difference will be noticeable and to set the exposure so it can be displayed in post. Whether the difference is needed/desired/useful is a different matter and often subjective in nature.

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