Any ex-nikon/sony user here uses x-t100? How bad is AF?

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Hey there,

I am from India and for a long while Fuji cameras were way too overpriced here. But that kinda changed with X-A5 and X-T100 and I have been planning to get X-T100 by month's end.
I've previously used Nikon D5100 and Sony A5000 and I'd like to know how bad is X-T100's AF? Has they made any imporvements to it via firmware?

I'd mostly be using the Kit lens for daylight photography and MF lenses for Night/concert photography. I am just a casual hobbiest who's trying to get back into photography after some 2 years (My Sony mirrorless got stoled a couple of years ago and I just never got a new cam)

I don't personally own an X-T100, but maybe I can offer a little advice about asking questions in this or other DPR forums. Your post is phrased in a way that comes across as assuming that the AF is bad and might have been in need of improvement. If that's the case, I'm curious where that assumption came from. Perhaps simply asking for some feedback from the forum on the accuracy and usability of the AF might get you better advice than what seems to be an assumption that it is problematic. If you're not a native English speaker, then my apologies if my question offends in any way.

Also, I'm assuming by "kit lens" you're referring to the 18-55, which is really an excellent lens... well above the image and build quality that most manufacturers would offer in a kit lens. And finally, I assume your AF question was strictly in reference to that lens, since obviously, any MF lenses will rely completely on your ability to manually focus them accurately. Most Fuji cameras have some nice tools to help acquire accurate focus with MF lenses and many users who participate in the forum own and regularly use them.

That is not offensive at all as you did understand my question correctly. I have read few reviews and they all seem to say that AF system on X-A5 and X-T100 is pretty bad in comparision to other Fuji cameras and other mirrorless cameras.
But you are right, instead of coming in here with a question that makes that assumption, I should have asked other users about their experiences instead.

"Kit Lens" in question here is 15-45 XC PZ lens that comes with these entry level cameras. I'd love to own X-e3 with 18-55 but right now I can't afford it as it costs twice as much. My question about AF was more about the camera than the kit lens because all reviews seem to call these two a very sluggish cameras when it comes to AF and shooting RAW. I don't mind the part about RAW because that's something I rarely do, so i was mostly interested in learning about the comparision of the AF system on these cams with older Nikon or Sony cameras.

I shoot landscapes, portraits and urban street scenes.  I have zero issues with the X-T100 s-af in speed, accuracy or consistency.  I don't shoot sports and never use c-af so I can't speak to that.

My point of AF reference is my X-E2 that many still (including me) consider a capable camera.  I find the X-T100 to be slightly better in AF even at night.  If you need the fastest c-AF for your photography Fuji has a choice of more expensive speed machines.

As to the X-T100 and Raw, I can shoot a very fast burst of 16 RAW + fine jpeg before the camera clears the buffer.  That's certainly fast enough for my needs.

Most importantly, the Bayer images are stunning for landscapes IMO.


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