Switching up my lens collection for 90D upgrade

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Re: Switching up my lens collection for 90D upgrade

Well, 80D plus lenses that weigh half a pound are perfect.  Even 1lb lens is ok..the ef-s 35mm macro is probably the sweet spot.  The 24mm pancake was glorious but no IS and not even EF optics.  I can probably go with 1.5lbs lenses occasionally, whuch is where the ef-s 17-55mm was.  The EF 24-70mm F4L is also around this weight.  The EF 24mm IS is also around a pound.  There are some low weight EF and L glass,  but it is a struggle to find good value long term keepers.

Note that I switched to primes before buying the handgrip....  The handgrip makes carrying heavier glass easier....especially holding heavier glass steady. I'd probably be fine with 2lb lenses now.

The issue isn't just short shoot a, but traveling all day with the camera around the neck shooting 1500 shots a day.  The under 1lb glass was tremendously easier to deal with, and partly why I switched to primes.

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