Switching up my lens collection for 90D upgrade

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Switching up my lens collection for 90D upgrade

Whatever the limitations of bridge cameras, the Canon G15 with its built-in f1.8 24-105mm equiv lens lit my interest in Photography. I'm sure I took aroud 100k photos on that camera.

A short time later, I upgraded to Canon 80D with ef-s 17-55/f2.8 IS, ef-s 10-18mm, and EF 70-300 IS lenses... along with a speedlight 320EX Flash.

I started getting much better photos and video, especially on the 17-55/f2.8 (great lens!) ...but the weight gradually forced me to take fewer and fewer shots.  The gear was just too unwieldy for taking out all day.... And, the ef-s 10-18 was almost never used ....

So, I had to admit that upgrade failed and find a new path.....which ended up being small primes (ef-s 24mm, ef-s 35 macro, and ef-s 60mm macro)... on aps-c, those were the focal lengths that I used most often.  I have also been thinking of experimenting with EF 'L' glass...

I've ordered the 90D and a few new lenses , which will arrive tomorrow, and the new gear set will include:

Canon 90D Body plus handgrip and Speedlite 470EX AI flash

Primes: EF 24mm IS f2.8, ef-s 35mm macro, EF 50mm f1.4

Low Weight Zoom: EF 24-70 F4.0L IS w/ Macro (for video and travel)

I'm also disposing of the ef-s 24mm pancake and ef-s 60mm macro.

I'm thinking long term of adding either a EF 85mm or 100m prime and a 16-35mm 2.8 zoom? I looked at the 70-200 f2.8, but it seems heavy/unwieldy?

Would this be a good long term lens set for aps-c keeping in mind that Canon seems to be slowly abandoning ef-s and perhaps EF and I'm not sure if I'll ever upgrade to full frame and am trying to get good long term value lenses...

I do 70% photography, 30% Video.

Thank you all so much in advance...

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