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Hi all, I currently have an A7RIII with a good amount of lenses. I definitely love the IQ coming out of it, but I miss my Canon 6D a lot of times. I am happier with the more MP though. I recently have been looking at the Lumix G9 4/3 camera, and it seems like it is designed by actual photographers unlike my Sony. I miss the layout of the buttons and the user interface of Canon as well.

The G9 seems to be super compact even with telephoto lenses, but my one hang-up with that system is that I DO like to shoot a lot of milky-way landscapes. Is there a compromise, some sort of system with more than 20MP that is great for landscapes and low-light and all the while is compact with lenses? I hadn't really looked into micro 4/3 before but it is intriguing to me.


so the sony isn't compact and not designed by actual photographers ?

I'm a backpacker, the lenses that full frame mirrorless seems to require are quite chunky and heavy.

That depends on the lenses you use, means there is room to make things really bulky and heavy, but also for the opposite. I'm using an A7s for years now and it was also always part of my backpacking trips. The package weights in at 2.3-2.5kg, which includes everything: Extra batteries, cables for charging, adapters for USB wire connection to the phone, air blower, camera plus lenses, and the extra bag which weights ~300g itself. I can belt-mount that or carry it in itself for when the large backpack isn't needed. Among the lenses is the 21/2.8 Loxia, which works nicely for astro pictures.

With that said, m4/3rd can usually give you similar focal length equivalents for like 50% of the weight. The bulk savings could be less, though, depending on what your point of reference is. Note that m4/3rd is capable, but there are quite a few limits and in overall the sensortech is not as advanced, so you pay not only for the smaller sensor size, but also do a step back in tech. On top of that you get 12-bit per pixel RAW files, which limits the possibilities. Read: If you go that route, maybe rent such a camera and test it out to see whether the quality you get out of that is good enough for you. In the end it is a compromise between the quality you get and the weight+bulk you carry around. If during the trip you start wondering whether the respective other solution would have been better, you picked the wrong choice

The Sony absolutely does not feel like it is designed by photographers. The menu systems as well as the knobs don't feel intuitive after 2 years of using a Sony.

Personal opinion. If you feel good with the G9 for example, then that is a good thing, because using a camera you don't like will always stand in the way between you and good pictures.

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