Nikon's Split Ecosystem

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Nikon's Split Ecosystem


I have been trying to get into video and started weighing in on all the pros and cons about the Nikon Z6 and its new S Line lenses. Also weather or not I should just move on to Sony. Throughout weeks of research I basically came down to my biggest concern that no one is really talking about and I'm curious to hear about what everyone else thinks.

Currently I shoot with 2x D750s and the holy trinity with some 1.4 primes. My hopes was that I could sell one of the D750's and pick up a z6 and seemlessly use all my equipment for video and photography aswell to its full potential. I quickly learned that my F Mount lenses are not optimized for video on the Z6 as they make focusing noise and are generally quite heavy for gimbal use especially on heavier zooms. Plus I read that the Z6 doesn't use all of its focus points on adapted glass. Yes there are work arounds available such as using lighter primes and recoding audio externally to avoid the AF noise but I feel like I shouldn't have to go through extra hardships especially since I still have no idea what I'm doing in video production.

I leaned that now I have to buy S line lenses to get the full potential for the Z6 with video and continue buying F mount lenses to use on my D750 primarily due to current pro lens availability in F mount.

Looking into the future, the new D6 is still using the F mount and even the new telephoto lenses are being released with the F mount. This leads me to believe that Nikon will NOT stop producing F mount DSLRs or glass as they still rely on professionals using that equipment.

At this point, Nikon is basically separating 2 systems for professional photography and I guess "professional" videography and asking consumers to spend even more money on buying  more lenses just so you can shoot pro photo/video. I don't need 2 x 24/70s just so I can achieve 5 axis stabilization on the z6 and still require my other 24-70g for my main dslr.

I can just easily just get a Sony a7iii with any lens and get stabilization, great focus and everything works perfectly for photo and video.

What is everyone else's thoughts on this? I guess if I was freshly moving onto the Nikon Z6 and just invest into the S lenses from the beginning none of this would be an issue. It would work great for photo and video and there would be nothing to worry about. S LINE glass seems great! But if you're already heavily invested into F mount gear and you want the best in video then this becomes a huge unnecessary investment if you try to use both systems side by side as youre kind forces to buy addional glass for strictly the Z6.

At this point I have an option to additionally purchase a grey market z6+ftz+24-70/f4 for $3500cnd to properly start using my z6 for video or sell all my gear for about $7000 and invest into a Sony system and avoid buying numerous lenses with similar focal ranges. Plus I'll still have money left over lol.

Anyways would love to hear your thoughts. Thanks 🤗

Nikon D750 Nikon Z6 Pentax K-r Sony Cyber-shot DSC-T2
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