My 90D mini first Review

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My 90D mini first Review

I had my first chance to take the 90D out in the field today. I went up to Madera Canyon and the Santa Rita Lodge where they feed birds. My primary objective was to be sure my primary lenses all behaved properly. I wanted to see the IQ at mid to high range ISOs. I also wanted to check my hand held macro capability and the 90D to do focus stacking of macros.

My conclusions -

1. I am very happy with the overall performance of the 90D. It is a step up from my 80D and justified its purchase. I got used to the newer feel rather quickly.

2. All the lenses I checked worked just fine: EF 100-400 mm v1, EF 70-200 f/2.8, EF 24-70 2.8, EF 100mm f/2.8 macro, and my walk about Tamron 16-300 mm.

3. IQ was very good for everything I shot today. I was pleasantly surprised at the ISO 5000 shots I took. I did not go higher today.

4. My impression is that the noise characteristics are cleaner, meaning more shot noise component and less electronic, over the ISO range 100-5000. Both Lightroom and Noiseware handled them very well, and better than for the 80D ( and 60 D).  I need to do some more systematic testing of this impression.

5. The focus bracketing addition could be very nice. I used it a little bit for regular shots, and tried a few stacked macros. The regular shots worked well, the macros not so much. I have a lot of learning to do on how to select the two focus parameters for macros.

I was not happy that I cannot (as best I can first figure out so far) assign a custom shooting mode to focus bracketing. Back to the manual later.

6. In just a couple of hours I shot about 1000 photos. The 10 frames a sec really works well. I have grown to like the new focus/shoot button.

7. I need to characterize the various focus/exposure modes one of these days.

8. The joy stick control is ok. It does make it a bit easier to move the focus point, and probably faster, though I was pretty quick with the 80D wheel.

Some shots follow:

100-400 mm at 400 mm and ISO 640. a bit of LR noise reduction. no crop

100-400mm at 400mm  ISO 4000; no crop; some LR noise reduction.

70-200 @120mm, f/4, ISO 320, some cropping an minimal LR noise reduction.

These hummers were too close and active for accurate tracking at a full 200 mm; though on a non-test day I would have used the 100-400 for closer shots.

Here is a handheld focus stack of 17 shots of some berries where I adjusted the focus by hand during a rapid burst.  100mm macro, f/20, ISO 3200 ; some cropping, some LR noise reduction prior to stacking.

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