My second lens... what to choose?

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Re: My second lens... what to choose?

14~140 is an incredible lens especially of its lower price nowadays (you might, as I had, paid double of its current price back then).

A very versatile zoom range for most general shooting covering from general wide to telephoto, IQ not far from premium class lens, relatively small and highly portable, there is not many other option can really compare with it.

However, it is not wide enough as you noticed (24mm eq FoV of FF is more like a standard nowadays vs the older standard of 28mm). And the f/3.5ish is also not the best for darker shooting environment.

If just for wider coverage, might consider the 12~32 that is so cheap and small (not a burden to carry) for the closer indoor shooting. If for the lower lighting condition, a prime lens might be needed. 12~100 f/4 has great IQ, but cost a lot, heavy and large and only f/4...

Generally on budget wise there are the f/1.7 from Panny or f/1.8 from Oly. Unfortunately 12mm primes are very expensive. For that reason, I pick Panny Leica 15 f/1.7, a great lens at affordable cost but not as wide as needed. 20 f/1.7, cheaper, good IQ, but narrower than 15 and not good for AFC.

BTW, G6 is an adorable camera at its time but since its release, a lot improvement been made. 1~2 stops more usable high ISO, DUAL IS for more effective stabilisation (1~1.5 stops better than OIS), IBIS for steadier video shooting, better image engine for SOOC jpg, newer features (I can imagine 4K Pre Burst and Post Focus might benefit from following movement of kids?)... Might also worth to consider an upgrade of the body. Your 14~140 is DUAL IS2 supported for the latest IS of Panny.

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