The Cost of Profoto just can't be justified anymore

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Re: The Cost of Profoto just can't be justified anymore

RDKirk wrote:

Macro guy wrote:

When did Profoto actually make sense? I can't think of the time when it did even before Godox ever came around. There have always been lights that were just as good, if not better that were less expensive and some were a lot less expensive.

There are a few brands that reptesent the photographic version of "bling" such as Leica, Hasselblad, Phase One, among others. I think that Profoto falls within that category.

When everything is said and done, a light is a light is a light. All it has to do is work.

In the consumer portrait world, it never did. The kings were companies that don't get mentioned in the commercial-photography-oriented blogs and forums.

Top consumer portrait photographers are still using Photogenic, Norman, Speedotron, and the like.

There is a whole lot of Web-driven follow-the-leader going on in photography today, with people merely asking "what is the best..." and flocking to it like sandpipers rather than getting experience with what they are actually doing and determining what they need from what they're doing.

Agreed - godox isn't replacing profoto, it's replacing manufacturers like paul c buff who used to be the king of the session portrait world.

Profoto makes sense if it makes sense to you and your business or hobby. As much as we talk about light is light, which I completely agree with, I think it's also overly reductive to simply say cameras and lights are "just" tools. Take your average enthusiast guitar player - I'm sure they'd completely disagree with you that their fender stratocaster is "just a tool" to create guitar sounds, or that a Leica M10 is just a tool for capturing images, or profoto B10s are just strobes. If it was that easy, then we would just run down the spec sheet and consumer reports, and buy the one that was highest rated on everything - and things like forums would be pretty useless

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