Beauty Dishes -The finer details and Inner workings ..

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Beauty Dishes -The finer details and Inner workings ..

I have had my Bowens Pro120 for over 20 years!! The reason I haven't spent money on new studio lights is that they are such great lights, they still won't die on me

The only annoying problem is when I use 4 heads at once.

(Two sidelights are on honeycomb grids, they just won't consistently sync all at once.

I'm forever trying to get the line of sight for all 4 to sync and I have pocket wizards.

My partner bought me the Godox AD200s, I had a cheaper Chinese beauty dish.

The syncing is so great,.

However, when I tried to replicate a powerful portrait image I saw online, another photographer was using a profoto white studio beauty dish with a polite mono head.

I got inspired and tried to replicate this using my Godox AD200 and Chinese brand white beauty dish.

I notice the outline perimeter of the subject's face didn't have the same light drop off -

I liked the wonderful shadow frame around the subject's face

The ProPhoto beauty dish light seems more directional with that shadow frame around face yet still soft.

My question is :

Is this due to the inner design of the Prophoto beauty dish?

Is the globe inside the AD200 really that different from the ProPhoto mono head

The physical dishes virtually look the same?

I'm thinking should I just take the plunge and buy ProPhoto and sell some old gear

Can I ever really achieve that exact same look with a cheaper brand?

Am I kidding my self ?? Is it still the old saying "You get what you pay for?

I would love to hear from a great portrait expert if possible?

Thank you,


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