ISO noise a7rIV vs a7rIII samples

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ISO noise a7rIV vs a7rIII samples

I have read about high iso noise issues with the IV so I did some tests on my patio on a breezy day so at the lower shutter speeds with my 600 GM sharpness was not the best.

None of these are cropped they are all downsample to 4752 pixels which is 1/2 which I read is the best way to downsample. The post I read said to cut in half then half again rather than in one step not sure if that is correct or not so if anyone knows and can explain we would all be wiser.

Iso 100 & 320 are a push

Iso 800 no real difference at 100% at 200% IV shows more noise

Iso 1600 IV shows more noise at full rez but comparing 9504 vs 7900 pixels, when both downsampled to 4,752 pixels (50%) and they are same image size the difference is so small not sure I can tell the difference I might give the nod to the III prior to noise reduction but when I use Nik defiine 2 iso 1600 on the IV is excellent

Iso 3200 IV shows more noise but not a lot at full rez but when downsampled to 4752 which is half of full rez on the IV and same on III they are very similar the III is a tad better but after using Nik Define 2 noise reduction iso 3200 is plenty good enough for me on my 5k iMac and I am pretty darn picky

Iso 6400 (which I hardly ever use in fact I seldom ever use 3200) the nod goes to the III but the IV is nothing that cannot be cleaned up in pp

I am not a pro at pp either I am sure someone who knows what they are doing can do better and would welcome any tips.

I open in PS Raw usually try auto and lens correction and straight to PS and compared noise at 100% then downsampled in half and compared noise at 100% again then used Nik Define 2 noise reduction.

I will usually open, crop then import into LR and to auto to see if I like it better and adjust if needed or not use auto and to it in PS if I don’t like it. I will add some sharpening if I remember lens correction then back to PS for some color, burn dodge, smart heal and whatever and then Nik Define 2 noise reduction and save.

I did this for my own knowledge and to share but anybody with any tips on how to better do these tests or comparisons I am all ears.

III at iso 320

IV iso 320

III iso 800

IV iso 800

III iso 1600

IV iso 1600

III iso 3200

IV iso 3200

III iso 6400

IV iso 6400

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