Any ex-nikon/sony user here uses x-t100? How bad is AF?

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Re: How bad... or how good? :-)

devilz666 wrote:

That is not offensive at all as you did understand my question correctly. I have read few reviews and they all seem to say that AF system on X-A5 and X-T100 is pretty bad in comparision to other Fuji cameras and other mirrorless cameras.
But you are right, instead of coming in here with a question that makes that assumption, I should have asked other users about their experiences instead.

"Kit Lens" in question here is 15-45 XC PZ lens that comes with these entry level cameras. I'd love to own X-e3 with 18-55 but right now I can't afford it as it costs twice as much. My question about AF was more about the camera than the kit lens because all reviews seem to call these two a very sluggish cameras when it comes to AF and shooting RAW. I don't mind the part about RAW because that's something I rarely do, so i was mostly interested in learning about the comparision of the AF system on these cams with older Nikon or Sony cameras.

I have never used or owned a 15-45, so I'm afraid I can't share any direct experience with it.  However, I will mention that I have a strong aversion to lenses that focus via a motor vs. by hand using a focus ring.  For me, there's nothing like the tactile feel and precision of using a focus ring and in those cases in the past where I had to rely on motorized focus... well, I frankly really disliked it.  Of course, this may not be at all an issue for you, but it should be factored into your decision.

Also, I'm not nuts about the 15-45 range.  I find 16-55 or 18-55 to be a lot more versatile and, depending on the focal lengths you tend to gravitate to, that extra reach on the long end might come in very handy.  It also worth noting that in almost all ways (optical and build quality), the "kit" 18-55 punches way above its weight.  I currently use the 16-55 as my go to general purpose lens and that general FL range is extremely versatile... it's not coincidental that many kit lenses within the industry are similarly spec'ed.

One path you might consider is going with used gear.  It's entirely possible that you could find a used camera with 18-55 in very good condition for not much more than you're considering spending for a less capable new kit.  There are always some risks associated with used gear, so using well established buying sites with high ratings and who specialize in photography gear (Fred Miranda is my personal favorite, both for buying and selling) might help considerably reduce that risk.

Best of luck and hope you're able to assemble the kit you want in short order.


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