Lenses for the G-9

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Re: Lenses for the G-9

You do sound a bit harsh and judgemental!   I've been shooting Canon for nearly 30 years, currently the 77D and M5.  I use my monster 100-400 ii on the 77D and my 18-150 on my M5.  I'm in my 70s now and the 100-400 is becoming too heavy to handhold, especially with the shoulder issues I have.  Canon also isn't very invested in the M series and there are no long lenses.  Also, while the M5 is supposedly the M series flagship, it doesn't have very good AF.  In a recent upgrade to the M series, Canon decided to ignore the M5 and upgrade the M6.  The upgrades sound wonderful, but they are to a lesser model, one that doesn't even have a native viewfinder.  I've decided to jump to Panasonic because they have a wide array of lens focal lengths and continue to produce more bodies and lenses.  So there you have it.

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