The Cost of Profoto just can't be justified anymore

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Re: The Cost of Profoto just can't be justified anymore

Krav Maga wrote:

flbdig wrote:

So I can't come up with any reason that Profoto should be the choice over Godox for anyone starting a new lighting kit. IMHO

Neither can I. But different people have different ways of looking at things.

The argument that "if you're a professional, Profoto makes sense" is especially curious to me.

The way that I look at it is that if you're "pro" it means that your business is photography. If your business is photography, how does spending $2300 on a B1 instead of $900 on an AD 600 Pro make sound business sense? No matter how you slice it, there is not a $1400 difference in quality or ROI; not even close. You can buy 2 AD 600s and still be way ahead; using one for backup.

But this is simply my opinion.

I agree 200%

A Profoto A1X is $1095 for ONE. From a sound Business perspective I can buy FOUR Godox V1-O's and Pro remotes for that price. So I have THREE backups, if I am worried about reliability.

People always talk about Profoto has good service and I am sure they do. But they NEED service also. At that cost I don't want to have to send gear in for service. Lol

Another thing that is forgotten is that like the ad200 the V1 OFF Camera can be used by other cameras in TTL. For example, I purchased the V1-O for Panasonic and Olympus to use on S1R, G9 and OM-D E-M1 Mark II. But when OFF camera my Sony a7 ll with Godox Sony transmitter can use the same flash in TTL!

Also IMHO the Godox system is more versatile because the ad200 is Modular. There are 4 different heads, frensel, round, bare bulb, and LED. Plus with the Godox EC2000 Flash Extender cable there are other options available. I have 3 of these extenders. I detach the flash head from the battery and use the flash extender so that I can use the ad200 as a ON camera Flash for receptions or outdoor daylight weddings by putting a X2T on my camera and the Round head in the hot shoe. That's a 200ws OCF with magnetic accessories!

I also attach the battery to the light stand and head into the modifier. Using the Godox AD200 AD-B2 Bowens Mount with two ad200's and 2 bare bulbs makes a great 400ws light when placed in softboxes or beauty dish.

Also, Godox IMPROVES there products on a yearly basis. And since the cost of their products are about 75% less than Profoto, it makes it Much easier to upgrade to the newest Godox gear. Very few people are going to invest in 2 Profoto B1's and turn around a year or 2 later and lose money by selling or trading to get a new Profoto product.

Profoto is a great product but from a business standpoint the Godox is about 75% less, reliable, versatile, seamless communications between lights and remotes and makes more business sense.

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