a7RIV eats stars

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Re: a7RIV eats stars

Magnar W wrote:

JimKasson wrote:

My guess is that if you're happy with the a7RIII in this regard, the you'll like the a7RIV, too.

Yes, I suppose so.

Is there any differences with uncompressed raw?

If you've been averaging a7RIII images made at 3.2 seconds as a workaround, you'll have to drop the exposure time by a third of a stop.

For real world astro work I prefer longer single exposures for stacking, since loss of faint stars doesn't matter that much for the look & feel of the end results.

People don't notice stars that are not recorded anyway.

The tradeoffs made by the a7RIV in terms on conversion gain and the "Aptina trick" are not as good for astro as the way the a7RIII works.

Ideally, I would prefer a on-off filtering/"star eater" setting in the camera and then deal with noise when processing the frames.

As I always said if you really want a dedicated camera for stars then none of regular cameras are the best but specialized modified ones. Otherwise most like me only interested stars and sky as background then nothing to worry about some weak stars faded away

A7r IV should not be that much difference from A7r III. Personally I might interest to get if a discount (just want a reason) in the holiday season or early January before my big trip to the Antarctica and the Torres del Paine NP in mid January, mainly team with A7r III better than A9 with both high resolution and similar DR.

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