Tamron Z lenses

Started Sep 13, 2019 | Discussions thread
Meerkato Regular Member • Posts: 194
Re: Tamron Z lenses

Sure it would be cool and I would love to see that too.

Realistically, however, I don't expect Tamron/Sigma to make Z mount lenses. It took some time with Sony too, and now there are myriads of different mounts, and Nikon Z has one the smallest user base (less than Nikon, Canon DSLR, Sony FE, Canon RF), and F mount lenses can be adapted to Z with ease.

So in the short term Tamron is much more likely to cover existing gaps (e.g. telephoto for Sony), and work on seamless adaptability of their F lenses to Z.

I would say best case scenario is 1-2 years, realistic scenario is 3-4 years, and it can also happen that they decide that they are not developing separate lenses for F and Z.

Only future can tell.

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