Why do certain colors change under speedlights?

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Color Management

Your post touches upon a topic which has many many facets, from mixed color temperature lighting to color management and the ICC rendering intents which are used to correct for out of gamut colors when going from one source device to another output device.

For most neophyte photographers, the camera's white balance and color temperature automatic settings are primary in their mindset. But there's a lot more to it than what is built into your camera and the dichroic color correction filters and gels you might employ on lenses and on lighting fixtures.

You have likely read threads on Capture One, X-Rite and other Color Checkers and calibration software and devices. That takes you into another area that you should be knowledgeable of, especially in Fashion Photography where what your client thinks is of special import is of special import to you. That area is Color Management and it is one heck of an iceberg of which color checkers are just the tip above the water. And have no doubt, you already have access to Color Management Modules (CMMs) and profiling w/o specifically purchasing some software app. They are built in to operating systems and image editing software that you use every day.

I have been boning up on the whole topic with "Real World Color Management" by Fraser, Murphy and Bunting.


NOTE: You don't have to go to PeachPit, it's just one of the links I found on the web for this book. There are others. PeachPit appears to be the publisher. Surprisingly, B&H does not have this book available as it does a related book, "Real World Camera Raw."

It's a hefty detailed (industrial strength) look at color management written in a language that is easy to absorb for everybody from graphic artists to us, photographers. And yet, it does not claim to go to levels of detail that the engineers and color scientists would. It's meant for us photography knuckleheads and others involved with color devices and software. There are some surprising revelations in this tome. Those off-color problems you are running into will be explained and you might find ways of resolving them that are not at present obvious or what you may have considered.

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