Why do certain colors change under speedlights?

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Re: Why do certain colors change under speedlights?

When you take a picture using flash, the exposing light is a product of the flash; its color differs from the ambient light that illumines the scene. You see the subject via the ambient light; the camera sees the subject via the light from the flash. They differ; hence the color balance of the resulting picture is not the colors you observe.

We see using a combination of eye and brain. Our vision system is remarkable; it involuntarily white-balances. If you don’t believe, cover one eye with a strong red filter (cellphone candy wrapper etc.). Now look about for a minute or so. Remove the filter and look about as you uncover first the right eye, then the left. Repeat with different color filters. This experiment is dramatic, because only one eye white-balanced out the effect of the filter. In everyday life, both your eyes white-balance, self-adjusting to minute differences in color output of the ambient light.

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