Mixing Buff Einstein 640s and DB800s with Canon SpeedLites

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Re: Mixing Buff Einstein 640s and DB800s with Canon SpeedLites

flyinglentris wrote:

Photomonkey wrote:

I set up my cameras a few years ago in a similar fashion to trigger several flashes at the same time.

I forget just what the problem was but it was solved far more elegantly when I got rid of my rotten (and very expensive) Pocket Wizards, sync cords, my Einsteins (very good) and Canon Speedlights (good but pricey with AA batteries) and bought Godox.

My PWs were cheap, less than $100 each. I use rechargeable AA batteries, unless I want the power of Lithium AAs. Canon's new Flash units are RF, but I am going with what I have which are the old IR units. There's nothing in what I have that won't suffice at present. Upgrading is only going to happen as a necessity, not a whim for something better.

Integrated radio triggers in all flashes from V-850 to AD600. Rechargeable Li-ion batteries for all day shooting and money in the bank. Still shooting commercially almost every day with no failures.

I am not a pro, but an amateur photo artist. So, I don't shoot all day, 5 and 7 days a week and even on holidays. I have freedom to go when I go and do what I want, when I want. I'm retired. I'm not in competition and have no need to be a hard core durable speed boat in a sea of competitors or diminishing hours in a day. Retirement has been very, very good to me. There's no stress, I don't race people on the roads to get there 2 minutes earlier than everybody else and I enjoy things that before, I never had time for, here, photography. I've become sane.

The most cost effective is to go with what you own. Well done.

My point was that PWs are foully overpriced and wretched performers for the money. Godox triggers by comparison ar $69 in today's dollars for very capable triggers. The Godox flashes all have integrated receivers and thus are great value especially for the hobbyist starting out.

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