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Dave Braun wrote:

Very interesting. I have been doing similar work at the Royal Geographical Society. I am using Phase 1 iXG and C1 Cultural Heritage. The copy stand can have a light box inserted in the table with a frame stood over it. I was able to fit 9 glass lantern slides on at a time or 20 35mm slides. Shoot straight to EIP. A session is created for each box and given it's catalogue name. Quality is just amazing.

HD of images is sent to our company in Wakefield and then transferred to US where they crop and export. Then to India for checking.

I have also shot photo albums too and results are good but Phase 1 really haven't sorted out the lighting for this just a couple of flat LED panels. Glare off the prints can be a problem.

Another piece of equipment you could look at it a Gamma by Metis, uses a DLSR. When I was at National Archives at Kew I was using one with the Cannon 5DS. It's main use is for documents and books. But it has a very cleaver trick up it's sleeve for shooting photographs. It has four strip lights and for photographs takes a shot first with the left hand lights on and then a second with the right hand lights on and merges the two and this eliminates the glare. Very quick too.

Think you could put a light box on the table and shoot slides with it. I was able to shoot some X Rays on an LED light sheet this way.

Software for the Metis is pretty good too shooting straight to TIFF or jpeg and numbering that lets you go back and insert reshoots in the right place and all the numbers following will be moved up, if say you had missed one.

Many thanks for this. The Archives I work at are not so well financed to go for Phase 1 equipment, unfortunately. We are working at one towards the national standards, not the other though we duplicate the standard in the other as far as the budget will permit. I will have a look at Gamma though, we have a very large number of photo albums which need dealing with and so far we have put in the "difficult" box! Then the ability to do slides as well may make this tempting.

I think the ability to do slides on the Gamma is a bit of a workaround that you would need to do some tests on. The problem is it shoots TIFF's or jpeg so you will need to find a way to crop up multiple slides to make a new file for each slide.

For your albums Gamma will be good as it has built in book cradle and each half can be set at different angles to support the book as you shoot. It can also auto detect the pages and gutter to auto crop to 2 pages with a file and number for each.

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