Sony A7RIII problems writing on card during shooting

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Sony A7RIII problems writing on card during shooting

Dear fellow forum members,

yesterday I did some dance photography and brought 4 SD cards 64 GB (2x SONY 2x SANDISC) with me.

What I do is insert two cards but only write on the faster card slot (so not on both). When one is full I can quickly switch cards.

Yesterday I did dance photography, bad light, fast movement and I experienced a problem the day before yesterday with flickering light on my shots (got these stripes because of the LED light rotation time or what you might call it) and read that the mechanical shutter has got fewer problems than the electronical shutter, so I tried it yesterday. (on high+ frequency mode)

What I experienced then yesterday was strange.

When taking pictures - even only 1-2 pictures - it took my camera ages to empty the buffer. When I took 30+ pictures till the camera couldn't anymore (normally around 33-34) one time it didn't clear at al. It took a minutes do count down to 28... and at one point it said something about error and if I want to recover data.

Also had to turn off and on the camera a couple of times because I just couldn't work with it anymore due to it NOT emptying the buffer properly.

I'm not 100% sure but I feel like this was a problem when using the mechanical shutter mode, in electronical shutter mode I did not experience it.

Just to be sure I switched SD-cards and stopped shooting mechanical shutter mode and continued with electronical shutter (which got me worse flickering light problems again but well...)the rest of the evening went normally. Same writing speed I am normally used to.

Did anybody else here already experience this kind of problem?
Did it really actually have to do with the mechanical shutter (it just makes no sense to me but that's what it felt like).

Or has it just been a glitch? Is my card defect maybe? (Anyway to check that before using it again?)

My Sony SD cards are not THAT old, maybe 1 year, maybe maximum 2 years. On the back it says "Made in Taiwan" so I think that's a trustworthy place to manufacture high quality SD cards ;-P
Not but seriously though, anybody knows that problem and can give me a tip? Because if this happend in a more serious shooting environment I would have had a problem.
"Oh well.. can you stop the wedding ceremony please? Need to figure out what problem my camera has got. Thanks..."
(Don't shoot weddings if you don't have two camera bodies! Yeah well... Not doing it yet, just an example )

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