Canon PIXMA 9500 ink questions

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Canon PIXMA 9500 ink questions

Hi all,

Hoping you can help me out with some printer confusion. I have a pixma pro 9500 mkII. I use a mixture of fine art and semi-gloss/lustre papers, mostly b&w photographic prints.

I understand the need for the two black cartridges (photo and matte black) and sort of understand the logic behind paper choice determining which cartridge is used. But I have a few questions I haven't been able to find answers to yet:

- The Canon (lucia) inks are PGI9 10 ink sets. I understand these are pigment inks. How are the PGI9 PBK and PGI9 MBK different if both pigment based? I thought the reason for two seperate black cartridges was so that you could have both dye and pigment choice depending on printing matter.

- If both blacks are pigment ink then what benefit is there printing on gloss paper?

- How does the printer decide which black to use on papers that are neither matte nor glossy? For example lustre, canvas, metallic, etc? Is there a convention that certain paper types fall into the 'matte' category and others into 'glossy'?

- How does a printer combine both dye and pigment ink in the same printout? Is it ok for inks to be mixed? For example if gloss paper is selected for a colour print would a printer use the pigment based colour inks alongside the dye based black ink?

- What would happen if the canon pigment ink cartridges were filled with dye based ink of the same colour? Is this even possible on a pixma 9500 or would the printheads not be able to work with different ink?

Many thanks


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