Upgrading to a Z6 from a D7000

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Upgrading to a Z6 from a D7000

I currently have a D7000 with a 24-85 f/2.8-4D and 70-300mm f/4.5-6.3g (non AF-P). I'm considering buying a Z6 with the 24-70mm f/4 S kit lens (since my 24-85D lens sadly won't AF) and continuing to use my 70-300mm with the FTZ adapter.

My motivation is driven by wanting a wider angle lens, and I was considering getting an 11-16mm f/2.8 Tokina lens, but I feel like I'll never choose to carry all three lenses with me, and the wide angle will probably be my first option to leave behind. Leading to my considering of jumping to a full frame body. I mainly shoot wildlife, landscapes, and cityscapes, and don't care about video in the slightest.

On top of yielding a wider FOV without the need for a third lens, the EVF sounds like it would be beneficial to my shooting style (full manual) as being able to see the exposure before taking the shot would save the occasional need to go and verify the exposure on the display. FF would also yield better DOF, although, given that I'd be switching from f/2.8 to f/4, I suspect that the extra DOF would be mitigated.

I also came across a thread in this forum indicating that the focus point can't be locked in the center of the frame, which is a bit of a concern for me. I personally like to have just a single auto focus point in the center and then if the natural focus point isn't in the center then I would just put the focus point in the center, focus, and then lock the focus. I've found this to not be too inconvenient, but overall far easier than worrying that the camera will decide to focus where I want it to focus. Is this actually not a settable option?

I'm also wondering if 24mm on FF is much wider than 24mm on a crop sensor (e.g. if it's enough of a difference matter)? And on that note, how the 24-70mm f/4 S compares to my current 24-85 f/2.8-4D is also a concern that i have -- as it is/will be the lens I use most, so I definitely wouldn't want to take a meaningful hit there.

My last concern is in regards to the future of the S line of lenses -- if it will be the future or if it is something that Nikon will double back on.

Are there any concerns I should have about switching to a Z6 or anything that I might be overlooking?

EDIT: Also what about shutter shock, I came across its existence just now and the solution seems to be to use ECFS when shooting slower than 1/2000 (or 1/320, I've seen conflicting thresholds), but there also isn't a way for the manual shutter to take over when shooting faster than 1/2000, so you're either capped at 1/2000 or have to go into the settings to change the default to the manual shutter. Or has a firmware update changed this behavior? And also does the ECFS have an affect on Bokeh?

Nikon D7000 Nikon Z6
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