The Cost of Profoto just can't be justified anymore

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Re: The Cost of Profoto just can't be justified anymore

“Massive difference” in UI, whaaaat? I choose a group and a channel, then dial a wheel right vs. left to set power adjustments. It’s a no brainer and takes seconds. The AD360 interface is atrocious but the 200, 200Pro, 400Pro, 600 and 600Pro are all so streamlined it’s stupid easy. In fact… easier than the Profoto Air (which is in its own way easy enough, too).

WRT your other comments, reliability, consistency, etc. I’ve had no issues. Maybe other people have been lucky with Godox; maybe you’re lucky with Profoto. All I know is I do pro work and have no trouble getting repeat work at a commercial level with major brands using Godox. They don’t care about the words stenciled on the body of the light so long as it delivers the images they are passionate about.

bigtrouble wrote:

For someone starting out, I completely agree.

Unless you are a well heeled hobbyist, godox makes far more sense. That said, if you're a full time professional, profoto still makes a ton of sense. Better firing consistency, better durability and reliability overall, rental availability everywhere, and service centers in major markets. If you spend more than a few hours a week with your strobes, the user interface is a massive difference.

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