The Cost of Profoto just can't be justified anymore

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Re: The Cost of Profoto just can't be justified anymore

flbdig wrote:

I am a full-time working professional photographer and since I purchased my 1st ad200 I have been hooked. They fire constantly, I have Never had an issue with the remotes triggering the flashes. They modify extremely easy and versatile, from Bowens mount to MagMod and MagBox. And they have been reliable, I have not had one unit break or fail yet. KOW! Lol

Plus the weight is a huge deal to me. The 2 pound savings from an ad200 vs a B10 is Huge to me. Plus using the wired adapter where I attach the battery base to the stand and the ad200 head to the other end with a modifier makes carrying the light much easier and more stable since the majority of the weight is on the bottom of the light stand.

One of the cameras I use is a Panasonic S1R and the Biggest complaint when it was announced was the size and weight vs other FF ML cameras. Even though the S1R is only 13 ounces more than a G9 or a Sony a7RlV. So a 2 pound difference should make people passout. Lol.

A 2 light B10 kit cost $3375 for that much any professional or amateur could buy almost 10 of the new AD200 Pros. Ten lights are more reliable than 2.

Everyone has their preferences and comfort level. The only person you need to justify your investment is yourself (and if you're married, potentially a husband or wife haha).

Some find the user interface on the godox strobes to be a pain in the butt, which I can totally understand. I've had 7-8 godox strobes (ad600, ad360 and ad200) and 3 of them have failed in some way requiring replacement of the entire strobe or accessory as they are not serviced by anyone. Godox essentially just tells you to throw the old one in the trash. Had one strobe just stop working completely, the pins on one extension head shorted out almost destroying one of my ad600s, and the modeling lighting in one of my ad600s just died for no reason after a couple months. I personally haven't had a ton of issues with misfires but I've read several accounts both here and FM about misfire issues, so I'd imagine the truth is somewhere in the middle.

Not throwing shade here, but I do think it's interesting that people will spend several thousands on a camera body or lens, but then balk at the price of a strobe that is about the same or less than a lens. I use my strobes far more than 3/4th of my lenses, so it makes sense for me. I can also justify the expense because my rates easily support it. I make on average about $5-10k per job, with a high of about $25-30k per job, so having the best strobes for my preferences makes sense.

I don't think it makes sense for people that are doing $150-250 headshots and stuff. I certainly didn't feel like that when I was doing work like that. It only started to make sense for me once I hit a certain level of revenue.

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