Mixing Buff Einstein 640s and DB800s with Canon SpeedLites

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Mixing Buff Einstein 640s and DB800s with Canon SpeedLites

I have from time to time at DPR read threads posted regarding being able to trigger a combination of Buff Flash Units and Speed Lites simultaneously from one shutter release. And those posts often decried an extreme difficulty pulling this off, in the end resorting to triggering only the SpeedLites from shutter release and allowing the Buff Flash Units to trigger from their light domes.

I recently acquired a couple of Pocket Wizard Plus III wireless flash transceivers and just finished testing them. Despite reading many dismal disappointments on the web, due to proprietary frequencies, things are much easier than what folks are hurdling their frustrations against.

Here's how I got it all working with no more than what you get from Buff and Pocket Wizard basic transceiver kits, ie. the transceivers and a couple sync cords ...

NOTE: The Canon 430EX II flash unit does not have a sync cord port. IR only, unless you rig it via hot shoe. Buff has a sync cord hot shoe that will do the job, if needs be. I used the 580EX II for my experiment. BTW: Buff recommends their CRB+ to effect a solution. I didn't have to go that way.

1) Rig 2 Pocket Wizard Plus III units with the same channel, one sync cord connected to the 580 EX II sync cord port and the other rigged to the camera's sync cord port.

2) Rig CSXCV transceivers to all Buff Lights, Einstein 640s and DB800s, in my case.

3) Rig a CyberCommander or CST2 transmitter to the camera's hot shoe.

4) Power all the components on and make test fires from the master PocketWizard and the CyberCommander or CST2.

5) Set up the camera for flash and the Speedlites and Buff units for output levels, etc.

6) Position and angle the lights as desired

7) After appropriate modelling and satisfaction, frame, focus and shoot. All flash units will be triggered via RF.

So, there was nothing extra to buy, no special boon-doggling. The trick was to use both the hot shoe and the sync port on the camera simultaneously.

The camera I used is a Canon 1Dx Mark II (GPS).

I hope that helps resolve this troublesome issue which all too often seems to exacerbate people who are trying to mix their SpeedLites in with their Buff Flash units. And, I would think that this solution would work with other vendor flash units than Buff.

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