Can taking photos of the sun damage your mirrorless?

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Re: Can taking photos of the sun damage your mirrorless?

Shiranai wrote:

So I've read about that a laser can damage your mirrorless. Can also taking a photo of the sun damage your sensor?

And can anybody explain to me why longer lenses can do more damage? Cause in my logic that longer lens focusses the sun circle to a bigger area than a wideangle would. So why does that small sun point not do more damage then a bigger sun? Or can the damage only happen if you remove the lens and the light gets more focussed on one point?

The af lenses for my m4/3 will automatically stop down to the minimum to protect itself from the bright sun, but when tripod mounted, I always add the lens cap or drop a cover over it.

The lens obviously acts like a magnifying glass.

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