So very sad with my x-Pro 2 - 1rst day in Taipei

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So very sad with my x-Pro 2 - 1rst day in Taipei

So, first the background. I excitedly bought the x-pro 2 and the 16mm, 23mm, and the pancake lens.

I watched the full class of Fundamentals of Photography by John Greengo

(and it's a long one)

Then the entire video session from him for the x-Pro 2

Up until now I've been a point and shoot iPhone user with the Moment lens system to get wide angle.

I also practiced around the house, and out on the airbase a few days. I know a few days isn't enough, but that's what I had.

I just landed in Taipei for a month going through Taiwan, Japan, Korea and some islands and me and my GF excitedly spent 4hr running around our hood photographing with my new x-Pro 2.

I was using the 16mm.

Almost all my shots are blurry, of her face. I used the thumb control on spot to focus on her face (sometimes hard to do in bright light or with sunglasses (I get migraines without them). But I'm sure it was focused. Looked great on small display but terrible back on my laptop.

Essentially we have to recreate our day tomorrow morning again - as none of the shots are usable for her travel blog...

Here are the issues I'm having:

1. I keep everything in Auto - Auto aperture, 2.8, auto ISO, 0 white balance - why? because even after all the classes I'm not smart enough to understand what to shoot. i have no chance of shooting movement or low light.

2. I have her keep still and I try to stay still and still she's blurry.

3. Even photographing food it turns out blurry.

Tonight I took my iphone out - as the xpro2 is miserable (for me) in low light - and once again I get crystal sharp photos an a good 'energy'.. I want to stay with the Fuji and learn the system.. But it's ruining the trip - and more than that, ruining my fun... terribly bummed with my results today..

Example blurry photos below....

I focused on her face - but I can't tell where the camera decide to focus

there's so many things that could be in focus - the writing, the cloth, the vespa - but it's sort of like everything is equally out of focus

the building is good - my GF is blurry - rgggg

Even at close range, when you pixel peep - blurry.. iphone is crystal sharp

from a distance she's okay, up close it's like i smeared Vaseline on my lens (sigh) i focused on her face

Fujifilm X-Pro2
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