Motorcycles, Pentax, and lifestyle ruminations

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Motorcycles, Pentax, and lifestyle ruminations

Motorcycles, Pentax, and lifestyle ruminations

I’m seriously thinking of buying a motorcycle. Some might call it a mid-life crisis, but I’m way past the age of mid-life, unless I live to be a hundred. (God, I hope not.) For me, it is a return to my first man-made love. I had several motorcycles in my first half of life, and each one was my principal mode of transportation. In other words, a useful tool, and not a weekend play thing. The motorcycle I want reminds me of my Pentax cameras.

The Suzuki Bandit 1200/1250 is a bike with a cult-like following. (Sound familiar?) It started production in 1989, and has continued off and on until 2016 with only incremental changes. The biggest change came in 2007 with the replacement of the 1200cc air cooled engine for a 1250cc liquid cooled one that met European environmental standards. The bike has come and gone three times since 2007, and 2016 was its last incarnation (insignificantly changed from the 2007).

It has been interesting to follow the tenor of the reviews over the years. From highly favorable, – to good for what it does, – to dated, low tech, not up to modern standards (2016). And yet, the bike is essentially unchanged.

My interest in the Suzuki 1250 is because it is:

– Reliable. It is a solid machine that has very few problems, if ever.

– Low maintenance. And forgiving.

– Comfortable. Upright seating position as opposed to crouched.

– Versatile. Handles touring, commuting, and sporting chores with ease.

– Good looking. Not the alien insect look of modern bikes.

– Low tech. I could care less about all the technological gizmos that come with current motorcycles.

– Excellent value. A prerequisite for anything I buy given my financial circumstance.

In short, I just need a reliable, easy to understand and operate bike to ride – everyday. Much like my Pentax cameras. As technology advances, (and I’m not anti-technology), I think/hope there will always be a market for simpler, more straight-forward, durable and reliable tools that don’t change characteristics from one day to the next. (I’m looking at you computer operating software systems.)

If I were rich, I would concentrate my entrepreneurial efforts to create such products. But then, maybe I’m just getting old.

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