The Cost of Profoto just can't be justified anymore

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The Cost of Profoto just can't be justified anymore

A friend of mine is wanting to build a versatile lighting kit and asked me what I would recommend. Of course she had looked at Profoto whom Everyone KNOWS they make Great lighting equipment. But I can Not Justify or Explain why in the Godox age anymore would start a new kit with Profoto.

One B1, One A1 with Mag accessories and Air Remote cost ~$3200. That's a huge investment in one On camera Flash and one off camera Flash. Yes we know the A1 can be used off camera also.

I purchased my Godox V1 with Mag accessories for $259, I have 4 Godox remotes for $49 to $69, I own 3 AD200's that I paid $700 total for a V860II I paid $199 for and I small V350 flash for $169. All the ocf flash work as controllers. That's ~$1570 for FIVE flashes and 4 remotes. Which is less than half the cost of 2 Profoto flashes and 1 remote.

In fact, for $3200 cost of the B1, A1 and remote kit she could buy a Godox V1 with mag accessories and Pro remote and still have $2800 left. At $350 a peice for the NEW AD200 PRO, she could buy EIGHT of them and still have change.  Lol. For those who say Profoto is more reliable, they may be correct although my Godox flashes have all been reliable, I would rather have 9 lights for the price of 2! That's more reliable to me.

I also have the Godox round head and 3 wired off Camara flash cords so I can use the AD200 with round heads and have the battery pack mounted on the Tripod stand. But those items were only about $300 more

Plus the savings in weight. The B1 weighs 3.3lbs where as the AD200 1.2lbs. Two AD200's at 400ws weigh less than one B1 at 250ws.

I KNOW Profoto is an Amazing lighting system!!! But the fact is so is Godox! And the value and ecosystem is unbeatable.

So I can't come up with any reason that Profoto should be the choice over Godox for anyone starting a new lighting kit. IMHO

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