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Re: Requisite Trip to Familia Sagrada - Photo Story

minniev wrote:

I understood before going to Barcelona that Familia Sagrada was required viewing, so we got advance tickets to avoid the long hot lines and hailed an early taxi to be in the first groups to enter. Still, it was a daunting experience - a massive, convoluted and not yet complete after 100 years structure filled to the brim with tourists. The size of the thing makes it hard enough to photograph, and the crowds complete the challenge.

I tried to think of something I could do that might be different, and all I could come up with was to photograph at slightly off center angles to create visually the sense of imbalance and chaos I felt in this thing. So the visual worrisome-ness is purposeful. Of course I'm not sure any of that works. But anyway.

This structure I cannot wrap my mind around.  Seeing photos of it is like having a dream of something impossible, but upon waking the impossible does not dissolve into fantasy.

I suppose the main story (for most of us non-architects) is the crowds, sad as that is.

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